Over many years Insurance Advisernet advisers Marni and Darrin Dittman have built an enviable reputation amongst businesses in and around the Gladstone region of Queensland. At the heart of their ongoing commitment to their clients is a focus on constant learning and improvement.

“Raphael’s Inspection Services provides Plant Integrity Management Services and Quality System Solutions, and specialise in providing critical compliance and technical support services to a broad range of organisations.

Our business provides a niche service that may be perceived as onerous or risky, especially where risks are inadequately mitigated. It is for this very reason we rely on receiving solid, reliable, informative, and proactive insurance and risk advice from the highest quality insurance advisor network – specifically, Marni and Darrin Dittman from Dittman & Associates.

There have been many circumstances where Marni has provided unequivocal advice and frequently performs over and above the capacity of most professionals I have ever worked alongside. She explains the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of potential risks or possible outcomes, which aids my awareness and understanding.  With Marni’s advice and continuous learning approach we have received great benefit and value from Insurance Advisernet, which has also strengthened our position to challenge large clients in pacifying contractual liability wording and remove ‘hold harmless clauses’ in their entirety.

Raphael’s Inspection Services highly commend Marni for her support and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

Dean Raphael. Raphael’s Inspection Services. March 16 2016

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