Insurance Advisernet is pleased to be able to provide you with an app on your smartphone that provides you with some neat features to make managing some of your insurance life a little bit easier. Among other things, the app allows you to:

Easily look up your adviser's details, or their other staff
Request a call back or a certificate of currency easily
If you have a claim, there are inbuilt claims forms, with photo evidence, that can be submitted to your adviser with a click
We also provide easy access to some emergency services should you need assistance urgently
In the not too distant future, the app will also link off to our client portal, which will give you the power of self-serve functionality for your insurance policies held with Insurance Advisernet
PLEASE NOTE! The app caters for around 150 IA businesses around the country. In order to tailor the contacts in the app to your adviser, you will need their 3 digit branch code, or you can search for them by name in the app. Alternatively, click here to find an adviser on our website and their 3 digit branch code.

Click your preferred provider to get the app!