With cardiac arrest one of the leading causes of death in Australia, the placement of automatic defibrillators within the local community has become an important part of saving lives in Australia. In fact, if defibrillation is used within the first 5 minutes of the event occurring, the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest increases from less than 10% to 70%.

Of the 33,000 cardiac arrests that happen every year in Australia, many take place at sporting events, which is why IA is proud to donate a Cardiac Science G5 Automatic External Defibrillator to the Port Hacking Open Sailing Club at a cost of $2500.  

For many years, IA has provided the Sailing Club with multiple insurances and the welcome donation of a defibrillator was facilitated by Andrew Pearson, an Authorised Representative of IA. The defibrillator was presented to Scott Roberts, Vice-Commodore of the Port Hacking Open Sailing Club at their Club House by Andrew Pearce on 17 September 2017.

Port Hacking Open Sailing Club

As a not for profit organisation, located on the shores of Yowie Bay in Sydney’s south, the Port Hacking Open Sailing Club has long been an active part of the local community. Their focus is on building social capital through engagement with the community, helping to develop and share an interest in sailing, and promoting sailing as a safe family activity.

Their interest in obtaining funding for a defibrillator came to a head when one of the visitors to their Club House suffered a heart attack on the premises. Luckily, a local GP was in the Club House to provide emergency aid, and when the paramedics arrived they attached an ECG machine and a defibrillator, before transporting the patient to the local hospital. 

It was this incident that highlighted the need for a fully automatic defibrillator at the Club House, particularly since these defibrillators come with clear instructions and can be used by anyone, not just paramedics and doctors.  

So once again, IA are very proud to have provided the Port Hacking Open Sailing Club with this vital piece of life saving equipment.

You can find out more about the Port Hacking Open Sailing Club at their website: http://phosc.org.au/

Insurance Advisernet Foundation , October 10 2017

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