Many children suffer from emotional trauma during their early formative years, resulting in a lack of coping mechanisms later in life. Ultimately, the long term effects of these traumas can be broken relationships, violence, drug and alcohol dependence, homelessness, and abuse and neglect.  

IA is proud to support KidsXpress, an Australian charity, who provide a range of proven intervention therapies for children in need. During August 2017, Anthony Anastasio (principal of the Everest Risk Group, a Corporate Authorised Representative of IA) and Stephen Carey of Chubb Insurance, ran the City to Surf in Sydney on behalf of KidsXpress.

Dressed in mascot Lycra suits (financed by IA, the Everest Risk Group and Chubb Insurance), Anthony and Stephen completed the race in 1hr 52 mins and raised over $15,000 for the charity. IA also donated a further $5,000 to KidsXpress on the day.

KidsXpress – Proven Trauma Intervention

Established in 2006 by Margo Ward, the focus of KidsXpress are children suffering from emotional trauma in their lives. Their mission is to help traumatised children turn life’s challenges into opportunities, assisting them to build strength, resilience and other life skills that will benefit them as they grow into adults.  

The key to the success of KidsXpress is in creating a safe and non-judgemental environment for kids who have suffered emotional trauma in their lives. Their program is underpinned by early intervention, which has been shown to minimise the impact of emotional trauma, and leads to faster recovery rates and less negative long term outcomes. 

Helping more than 300 families each year in Australia, the charity uses a world-first combination of expressive therapies (art, drama, music and play therapies) to enhance the emotional well-being of traumatised children and their families.

IA has been a strong supporter of KidsXpress since 2007 and we are very happy to support Anthony and Stephen in their fund raising efforts and to donate additional money to this very worthy charity.

Visit the KidsXpress Website:

Insurance Advisernet Foundation , August 17 2017

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