The Starlight Foundation has been bringing joy and laughter to sick kids and their families for decades in Australia, granting special wishes to these beautiful and deserving children. In fact, since 1988 the Starlight Foundation has partnered with Australian health professionals to develop programs that support the care of our seriously ill children and once again, IA is proud to donate $40,000 to this awesome charity.

Previously this year, IA donated $25,000 to support the 2017 Starlight Supporter Survey that was sent to thousands of current and past Starlight Foundation supporters. The aim of this survey was to ask people to share their views on what the Starlight Foundation is doing well and how they can improve their programs and initiatives.

The current IA donation of $40,000 was the result of a raffle ticket drive at the Trade Show of the IA National Conference on the 31st October at the Gold Coast in Queensland. Tracy Tomlin, a Starlight staff member and Queensland State Partnerships Manager, assisted on the IA Foundation booth giving out Starlight Wands to participants and raising $40,000 in the process.

IA is very proud of everyone’s efforts, in once again, raising so much money for the Starlight Foundation.

Supporting the Starlight Foundation

With the belief that fun tops fear every time, the Starlight Foundation’s mission is to “brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families”. Starlight helps sick children to forget their illness for a brief time and to become a child once again, revelling in joy, happiness and enthusiasm for life.

Their programs include granting once-in-a-lifetime wishes to sick kids and their families, distracting them from their illness and treatments, and instead bringing these families together in joy and love. Starlight Wishes make the impossible happen for these sick children and add a little bit of happiness into their world.

Another popular program is the Livewire website that connects sick teenagers with each other via a safe online community. This website is designed to help teens navigate their lives with a serious illness and to focus on the positives instead. The Starlight Express Rooms within hospitals are another very successful initiative where sick kids can play to their heart’s content and be children for a short time during their hospital stay.

In 2017, the Starlight Foundation created nearly 500,000 positive experiences for our sick kids in Australia and every dollar donated helps this foundation to grant even more seriously ill children a wonderful and positive experience with their families.


You can find out more about the Starlight Foundation on their website. Click here.

Insurance Advisernet Foundation , November 22 2017

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