The Insurance Advisernet Foundation is proud to be supporting the ongoing work of Leukodystrophy Australia, founded more than 23 years ago by Sister Julie Thomas OAM.

Leukodystrophy Australia provides vital advocacy and financial assistance, as well as counselling and family networking services for sufferers of over 40 different genetic neurological conditions, or leukodystrophies, that affect the brain and central nervous system in both children and adults. Tragically, many children diagnosed will die before reaching their teenage years.

“At any one time, it’s estimated 100 to 200 impacted individuals and their families depend on services from Leukodystrophy Australia,” said Insurance Advisernet founder, Ian Carr. “Financial support is an essential part of this, and we’re delighted to be helping through the Insurance Advisernet Foundation.”

The Insurance Advisernet Foundation recently presented a cheque for $5,000 to Leukodystrophy Australia, represented by Earl Schonberger – Volunteer.


Insurance Advisernet , May 30 2016

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