KidsXpress creates generational change by inspiring children to thrive.  They provide an innovative expressive therapy program, using music, art, drama and play, to help children express their feelings, process their experiences and develop positive strategies for life.

They also help a child who feels invisible, or powerless, to be seen and to understand themselves as being worthy of love, deserving of attention and capable of self-determination.

IA has been a strong supporter of KidsXpress for many years dating back to 2007. The program itself is a world-first, combining music, art, drama and play therapies into a group therapy model for children.  Following the success of the early programs, KidsXpress has continued to develop so that it is now able to help change the lives of more than 300 families each year and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of their journey.

Insurance Advisernet , May 04 2016

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