Many people start their own small business with the goal of being able to spend more time with their family and take frequent breaks throughout the year. Indeed, increased flexibility and being your own boss are some of the biggest motivating factors for starting a small business.

A recent study by Xero found that more than 90% of parents who run a small business have actually achieved their goal of spending quality with their family. In fact, many of these business owners spend a lot of time travelling overseas and still manage to run their companies at the same time. 

So if you are hoping to start your own small business or want to spend more time with your family while still managing a small business, here are 4 tips that you can’t ignore.

Automate as much as possible

Automating your marketing campaigns is the best solution to ensure that everything runs smoothly while you are away. In general, this means setting up an email responder that sends out pre-written emails for each of your campaigns to all of the people on your subscriber list. You can also schedule all of your social media posts as well, so that everything keeps ticking along as usual.

Explore the cloud

If you operate your business using cloud based systems, then you can be anywhere in the world and still keep in touch with your staff. An automated responder is one example of a cloud based service, but others include accounting and invoicing services, as well as solutions for scheduling, project management and workflows.

Delegate as much as possible

A business that can’t operate without the owner is a business with a problem. If this is your situation, you need to find ways to resolve this dependency as soon as possible. Delegation is the key here, making sure that everyone knows their individual roles, while you are still available for emergency situations or scheduled catch-up sessions, as needed. 

Organise your customers 

If your customers are used to having access to you, they will need to be informed of the new operating structure as quickly as possible. It may take time for your customers to rely on your ‘deputies’ rather than on yourself,, but this is a vital step towards making your business stand on its own feet and freeing up your valuable time.


The best tip for travelling overseas

As the business owner, you still need to be in contact with your business, so wherever you travel, you need to have a reliable internet connection. A landline is fine for discussing issues over the phone, but in many cases you need to jump online quickly and for that to happen, you need a reliable internet connection.

Skype meetings can also be extremely beneficial when you are overseas, so give your staff scheduled meeting times and they can bring all of their problems to you at your daily check-ins.  Finally, always confirm that your business insurances are up to date before you leave, so that you truly have a stress free break with your family.


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Insurance Advisernet , March 19 2018

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