As a valued customer of Insurance Advisernet, we are pleased to provide you with an early warning weather service that will alert you to certain types of severe weather events so you can be better prepared in the event of damaging weather. The service will provide you with SMS alerts for the following types of severe weather events:

We have automatically registered all our clients for this service free of charge, and this will continue as long as you hold an active policy with Insurance Advisernet, and the service remains available. Each alert will also contain a link to more information about that weather event, as well as provide the option to unsubscribe if you wish. The weather alerts are designed to alert you to events that have the potential to affect the street address you have registered on our system. If we don't have a street address for you, we have used your postal address. We have also used your primary mobile phone number that we have stored. You can speak with your adviser to update this information if necessary.

Click here to access a copy of our privacy policy, which details how we collect, use and protect your personal information. If you have any queries about this or the weather alert service, please don't hesitate to contact your adviser.

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IA does not accept liability for, nor provide any indemnity, in regard to the timing, content, accuracy or consequences whatsoever resulting from any "Weather Alert" or information provided by the "Early Warning Network system" or any failure or omission of IA or its third party provider to generate an alert. IA provide the "Weather Alert" to you free of charge & in accepting this service you acknowledge that such alerts are subject to the vagaries of the climate and availability and accuracy of third party data for which IA accepts no liability whatsoever.