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4Sight Risk Partners was built on a singular truth – that no two clients’ business are the same, yet all should feel confident in managing their business with knowledge and certainty around risk.

Our clients secure a strategic advantage from their qualified risk profiles and quantified risk appetite. They leverage our 75 years of global risk and insurance expertise, navigating uncertainties and opportunities with confidence. Operating within our 4Sight Risk Partners 'IQ-ARTA' framework, our clients implement effective tailored risk management solutions.

4Sight Risk Partners collective strength, choice, and value, along with Insurance Advisernet's network, constitutes our greatest asset. 4Sight Risk Partners give our clients confidence and greater clarity around risk and insurance, despite its complexity. We provide trusted advice and advocate for our clients as their valued business partner. 

To find out more go to www.4sightrisk.com.au or reach out.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones PRINCIPAL

As your appointed Business Risk Adviser, we will:
  • Analyse your business, strategic plans and partners, industry and wider economic influences to 'Identify and Quantify' (IQ) your business risk.
  • Provide you with enhanced decision-making and recommendations on risks to Avoid, Reduce, Transfer or Accept (ARTA). 
  • Secure you a strategic advantage from having a qualified risk profile and quantified risk appetite, given our 'IQ-ARTA' process.
  • Be able to customise your business risk and insurance program, as well as provide specific policy wordings across many insurance products.
  • We will advocate for you throughout any claims process and look ahead to ensure the process is less demanding on you.
  • We will provide trusted advice and always act as your trusted business partner.

Insurance Expertise

Merger & Acquisition Insurance / Warranty and Indemnity Insurance (Artarmon & Chatswood)

In the complex world of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions, insurance can enhance a deal, as well securitise risk.Merger and Acquisition Insurance, also known as Warranty and Indemnity Insurance or Transactional Risk Insurance, is a powerful protective tool, instilling confidence in buyers, vendors and funders. Merger and Acquisition Insurance is a highly specialised insurance, as it not only shields parties from financial uncertainties but also enhances overall transactional security.  

There are six key benefits of Merger and Acquisition Insurance: it safeguards against potential litigation (as the policy is backed by A rated security), facilitates bid enhancement by offering financial protection relief, improves finance terms, boosts confidence in negotiating liability caps & broadening warranties (e.g. tax), creates a secure exit strategy and release of funds, and provides effective risk mitigation to prevent deal-breaking scenarios.  

Mergers and acquisitions inherently involve high-risk transactions, relying on businesses for full disclose across various facets, such as strategic plans, accounting & tax, partnerships, cyber landscape, supply chain integration, as well as operation intricacies and management methods. Every merger and acquisition is unique, however it is crucial for every merger and acquisition to have the protection and the confidence of comprehensive Merger and Acquisition Insurance. 

Cyber Insurance / Cyber Security Insurance (Artarmon & Chatswood)

Outsourcing your IT or cyber security doesn't absolve your business of inherent cyber risks, or the need for Cyber Insurance. In the unfortunate event of a cyber security breach, the fallout extends beyond data compromise, affecting both your finances and operational continuity. In our modern technology driven world you need to protect your business against the escalating frequency and magnitude of cyber breaches, across all industries comprehensive Cyber Insurance coverage is imperative.

Determining the appropriate amount of Cyber Insurance involves a meticulous evaluation of various factors: business size, operations nature, sensitive data volume, supply chain intricacies, prevailing cyber security trends, and potential incident impacts. Identifying and financially quantifying your cyber risk is paramount due to the distinct nature of Cyber Insurance compared to traditional business insurance. Many are unaware that their Cyber Insurance aggregated sum insured represents the maximum total and cumulative claim amount, hence having all ten areas considered for your Cyber Insurance coverage is crucial. 

Regular reassessment of your Cyber Insurance is vital to ensure it aligns with your business's evolving risk profile and future opportunities. Adopting this proactive approach to your Cyber Insurance not only guarantees the presence of effective Cyber Insurance coverage, but also ensures adaptability to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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