Compliments and Complaints

At Insurance Advisernet Australia we are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and quality products. If you believe that we have not delivered in a particular area we would like to hear your comments.

Complaints are an important part of maintaining and improving our standards. If you have any complaints regarding service or products, please contact the people who provided your initial service.

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction or you do not wish to contact the people who provided your initial service, you can contact us using the following methods:

Contact Method
Complete a Feedback Form
*Free Call: 1300 366 085
Print a Feedback Form and fax to 02 9954 1809
Print a Feedback Form and mail to the following address:
Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd
Complaints Officer
PO Box 633,


If you are of a Non-English speaking background or, if you have special needs that require assistance when dealing with us, we are happy to assist by engaging translators or other specialised support services such as the National Relay Service.

We handle Complaints in an open and transparent manner and will endeavour to resolve your complaint fairly and within 20 days. If we have not resolved your complaint within 20 days we will provide you with a written update as to the reason for the delay, what action is underway to resolve your complaint and advise you of the anticipated timeframe for a response.

In handling your complaint, there are a number of remedies available to us, including but not limited to; 

  • An apology or explanation 
  • Liaison with insurers and/or premium funders to find a mutually agreeable outcome to your complaint
  • Claims advocacy including support to address your complaint via the Insurer IDR process.

If you are not satisfied with the final complaint outcome, we subscribe to Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) complaints resolution scheme, which handles complaints against insurance brokers relating to a variety of small business and domestic processes. You can refer your complaint to the AFCA who will conciliate with a view to seeking a solution that is acceptable to both parties. 

Complaints Procedure















*AFCA – Australian Financial Complaints Authority

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