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Overall Satisfaction with
IA Adviser*

*Based on independent customer research conducted in May 2023.




Insurance Advisernet Net Promoter
Score (NPS)*

*Based on independent customer research conducted in May 2023.




90% Satisfaction with
IA's Claims Process**

**Based on independent customer research conducted in January 2022.


Why Choose Insurance Advisernet

Insurance Advisers are highly trained insurance and risk management specialists. Just as you rely on your Solicitor for legal matters and your Accountant for financial affairs, they act on your behalf to provide expert advice, claims support and insurance solutions to protect your very best interests. An Insurance Adviser works closely with you to understand and identify the various risks your business faces, before helping you decide the most appropriate and cost-effective ways to protect against them. This can include insurance policies, risk management strategies, or a combination of the two. Every business is different.