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Ford & Associates Pty Ltd is an Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet, one of Australasia's largest General Insurance Brokers. Our knowledge of the local insurance industry is second to none and our experience in handling insurance for many thousands of customers enables us to provide advice you can always trust. It also means you'll benefit from access to unrivalled financial strength, business efficiencies and buying power spanning every major insurer in Australia and New Zealand and access to major overseas insurers if and when required.

James Hewitt

James Hewitt PRINCIPAL

As your appointed General Insurance Adviser, we will:
  • Conduct an analysis of your risk/needs and recommend the most appropriate covers to protect your assets and liabilities
  • Provide alternatives on your risk retention through various excess options
  • Allow you to pay premiums in monthly instalments
  • Recommend the appropriate insurer to match the risk
  • Provide prompt and timely servicing of your general insurance needs to ensure you are adequately informed of issues that may affect your business.
  • Only recommend financially secure and stable insurers

Insurance Expertise

Farm Insurance Canberra and Weston

Owning and operating a farm is an enormous responsibility to both your personal and professional life. A farm has a range of unexpected risks involving not only your business and income but your assists such as your home. In order to protect your farm from the expected and unexpended incidents, investing in a precise farm insurance plane which understands your needs is crucial. Some popular insurance policies for you farm can include home and contents, farm property, farm liability, fire and define events. Ensuring your home is protected from any damages due natural disasters, theft or even accidents, home and contents insurance will protect your home and the valuables inside. Farm property insurance will cover all aspects of your property that are related to the function of your business are uninterrupted such as fire prevention or extinguishments, employs possessions and even replace any flora that has been destroyed. Farm liability insurance policy will cover your farm against any physical injuries that have taken place on your property and will compensate the third-party for medical and hospital bills. Should your farm suffer any loss or damage to business tools, equipment, stock and buildings due to natural disasters, fire and defined events will cover the financial cost for the losses. Your farm is not only your place of work but it is also your home, it deserves to be financially and legally protected, farm insurance will lessen all the risks involved therefore, keeping your business and home safe.

Retail Insurance Canberra and Weston

All businesses are faced with various risks when it comes to operating in the workplace, however those who own a retail store and e-commerce website have a broad range of complex issues to face on a daily basis. There are a number of key insurance types a retail store owner should have such as public liability, product liability and if you have an online platform there are additional insurance types you should have; product recall, transit insurance, machinery breakdown, deterioration of stock, employee dishonesty and business interruption to name a few. Public liability insurance is a policy that will provide financial and legal protection to your business in the situation an accident has occurred and a third party has been injured or suffered damage to their property. In order to protect your business from any potential lawsuits from a faulty product/s which have led to the damage, injury, illness and even death of a person, product liability insurance is the insurance coverage you will need to protect yourself financially should any claim be made. Having an e-commerce website can have many risks involved and ensuring you have the correct cover is crucial. Product recall insurance will cover the costs associated with recalling a product. If your products were to be destroyed during transit, transit insurance will cover the costs of any accidental losses or damages. Machinery breakdown insurance is designed to cover the financial cost of any unforeseen and physical loss or damage to the machinery. If your employee has been dishonest with you and it has caused financial losses, employee dishonesty insurance will ensure you are coved from the loss you sustained. Lastly, business interruption insurance will financially protect your business in the situation that you have to close your business premise due to personal or site-related issues. Ensuring your retail and e-commerce store have these policies can protect you from any short term and long term financial difficulties.

Workers Compensation Insurance Canberra and Weston 

When you manage and own your business there are so many different aspects to juggle. Often, one of the biggest priorities is ensuring a productive and efficient working environment for your employees. Workers compensation is a large component of ensuring that you and your staff are protected for any and all workplace incidents that may occur. 

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that offers employees medical and financial compensation for injuries sustained in their workplace environment. It also provides a level of legal protection to employees in addition to financial protection, as workers are unable to take legal action against businesses the have accepted workers compensation from. 

While workers compensation may seem like something only high-risk, dangerous businesses should consider, it is actually required under government legislation that all businesses invest in workers compensation for the benefit for the employer and employees. Not only will workers compensation cover the cost of the injury but it can also cover treatment, medical bills and any necessary rehabilitation, ensuring your employee has all the necessary care. 

Public Liability Canberra and Weston

Public liability insurance is a form of insurance that offers businesses and its clients protection from any injuries that occur on the business premises. If you operate a business in which clients visit your office, showroom, store, café or restaurant, then those clients are your responsibility for their duration in your business premises. Public liability insurance provides financial and legal protection against clients that suffer injury or their property suffers damage whilst on your businesses premises. 

Because your clients are under your care whilst on your premises, any injuries or damage sustained as a result of negligence is open to legal proceedings against your business. Public liability insurance covers legal costs and bills that are incurred should a client take legal action against your business for negligence. This insurance also covers the medical costs of physical injuries that occur on premises as well as compensation for property damage that occurs on your premises as a result of negligence. 

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