Is kidnapping and extortion a risk for SMEs?

Is kidnapping and extortion a risk for SMEs?

Kidnap and extortion are a very real risk to any business, is your company at risk? And how can you make sure that your business is prepared for this type of incident?

Travelling overseas is a risky enterprise

Many SMEs now deal with overseas enterprises which involves a certain amount of travel.  Kidnap and extortion is one of many high risk factors whilst travelling overseas on business, and many professionals are now at risk. If you are considering travelling or sending employees overseas to high-risk zones check your insurance coverage is adequate.

Insurance cover for kidnapping and extortion

Tailor made insurance solutions can be customised specifically to your business needs for kidnap and ransom. 

As a general guide, your policy may include but not limited to;

  • Cover for Kidnap and ransom demands
  • Loss of ransom money in transit 
  • Interest on loans used for ransom payments
  • Costs for a kidnapping consultant/negotiator
  • Accidental death, injury or permanent disability
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal liability

If you have employees travelling overseas or visiting high-risk locations why not investigate kidnap and ransom insurance, talk to one of our insurance specialist today.

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SME Business Insurance

SME Business Insurance

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