Resilience, reassurance and the ‘butterfly effect’. Q&A with Lizzie Nelson from Evolution Insurance Services

Resilience, reassurance and the ‘butterfly effect’. Q&A with Lizzie Nelson from Evolution Insurance Services

Built upon a network of hundreds of Insurance advisers and professionals, Insurance Advisernet is represented in virtually every corner of Australia. This includes South-East Queensland where you’ll find Gold Coast-based Lizzie Nelson, Principal of Evolution Insurance Services. We recently sat down with Lizzie to discuss her 17-year insurance career and her philosophies around delivering exceptional results for her clients, even during the complex challenges of 2020.

Do you specialise in a particular type of insurance?

At Evolution, we specialise in providing bespoke solutions across many industries, primarily in the small-to-medium enterprise space.

What do you wish you knew 5-10 years ago?

That our world requires connection, compassion and resilience. In order for us to move forward as individuals we need to focus on connecting with each other throughout our incredible communities. The same can be said commercially. We achieve exceptional results for our clients by working and connecting with them closely – providing understanding, knowledge and reliability.

What’s your best insurance advice for your clients?

Insurance is designed to provide reassurance. Gone are the days of just throwing money into a ‘black hole’ each renewal, not really knowing what’s covered, or why. These days a carefully curated insurance portfolio managed by an experienced Risk Advisor really is a must in order to achieve that reassurance.

What do you think is key to a good insurance practice?

There are 3 areas which are equally important:

  1. Understand your client. 
  2. Advocate for your client. 
  3. Value your client.
What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Achieving exceptional results for our clients – and then watching the butterfly effect of those results within their wider businesses.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

There’s no doubt our industry has been under the microscope for some time. We’ve all seen media articles come out that create confusion – and even alarm – amongst the public in terms of the validity of certain types of insurance policies. Whilst this is an ongoing challenge for our whole industry to face, we time and again show our integrity as insurance professionals. Clients are undoubtedly feeling unsure and are consistently having to face the unknown – even more so in an unprecedented year like 2020 – and to have the opportunity to support them is absolutely a privilege, and one we take great pride in. There are incredible brokers out there doing exceptional work, supporting their clients wholeheartedly through this challenging time. In fact, in many ways 2020 has really reinforced the vital importance of insurance brokers and the advocacy role they play for today’s business owners.

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