Swimming for sick kids

Swimming for sick kids

The Starlight Foundation is a non-profit organisation who not only supports sick children in hospital by providing necessary healthcare resources, but also creates programs and experiences to bring joy into the children’s lives. Some of these programs include Captain Starlight and Wishgranting, but to achieve these impressive results, the Starlight Foundation needs funds.

So, it is with great pleasure that the IA Foundation has recently donated $12,500 to the Starlight Foundation in support of their Super Swim Challenge, which is an ongoing fundraising event. We are extremely proud to be the foundation’s supporting partner for donations to this fundraising event in December 2020.

The IA Foundation has an extensive history of supporting charities and non-profit organisations across Australia. We believe that if we have the capacity to support these worthy causes, it is our fundamental duty to do so. This is why we are so happy that the Starlight Foundation has become an institutional success story for so many of our sick children. We will continue to support their foundation’s fundraising events in the future as we watch them powering from one successful endeavour to another. When it comes to the health, safety and happiness of our children, no price is too high.

What is the Starlight Foundation?

For over thirty years, the Starlight Foundation has stood by their vision that every child deserves a happy childhood. Serious illnesses, however, can have devastating effects on this happiness, preventing children from going to school, meeting with and making new friends, and enjoying all the normal childhood experiences. 

So, recognising that sick children need more than medical or surgical help, the Starlight Foundation has consistently invested in activities where sick children can be children. They work with healthcare professionals to bring happiness back into sick children’s lives. It’s this happiness and joy that helps to build resilience and confidence in these children, reduces fear and anxiety, and helps them cope with their illnesses and treatments. 

What is the Super Swim Challenge?

Promoted by Mick Fanning (pro surfer and Starlight Super Swim Ambassador), the Starlight Super Swim is a fundraising activity based on swimming. You can swim on your own or as part of a team, at the beach or at your local pool, setting your own distance goals or trying to beat someone else’s challenge. 

This is a 30 day challenge where you can sign up for 2km swim every day for 30 days (3 laps of a 25m pool), 14km per day (19 laps of a 25m pool) or 32km per day (43 laps of a 25m pool), but of course you can set your own goals, based on your activity levels. Then all you need to do is to find people to sponsor your challenge. The Starlight Foundation has lots of help on their webpage to help you get started, set up a team and promote your challenge online.

Donating to the Starlight Foundation 

If you don’t want to take up the challenge yourself, you can donate money to their fund, which is exactly what the IA Foundation has done with their $12,500 donation. It makes us very proud to have made this donation to the Starlight Foundation and we look forward to supporting more of their endeavours. 

To find out more about the Starlight Foundation, you can visit their website at: https://www.starlight.org.au/ 

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