Raising the Awareness of Domestic & Family Violence in Australia

Raising the Awareness of Domestic & Family Violence in Australia

Rize Up Australia is an organisation dedicated to supporting families affected by domestic and family violence. Through a variety of different programs this organisation helps families who are fleeing domestic violence to establish a new home where they are safe and can heal. With more than 70,000 women, 34,000 children and 9,000 men homeless due to domestic violence, the efforts of Rize Up Australia provide a vital service to these needy families.

Insurance Advisement (IA), one of Australasia’s biggest General Insurance Brokers, actively supports many not-for-profit organisations within our community. So when Jason Holmes aka Insurance Boy, Director of H2 Insurance Solutions (an Authorised Representative of IA) mentioned the Rize Up Australia ‘Buy A Brick’ fund raising campaign to us, we were glad to help. 

This 24 hour campaign was released on the 15th May 2018 to raise $20,000 for Rize Up Australia to fund their own premises - as a central storage base for their donations. IA and H2 Insurance Solutions are very proud to have presented Rize Up with a pre-campaign cheque of $5,000 for their ‘Buy A Brick’ campaign on 14th May, just a day before the campaign went live, giving them a solid start to achieving their target of $20,000.

Domestic violence in Australia

Family and domestic violence is a real issue in Australia, crossing all socioeconomic and demographic barriers and resulting in homelessness and disempowerment of men, women and children. Whilst 1 in 6 women have experienced physical or sexual abuse by their partners, 1 in 16 men are also the victims of family violence. 

As a result of these tragic events, families are fractured and an increasing number of children are placed into care to keep them safe. Homelessness is rampant and the health of sufferers and their children is jeopardised. With no home and no belongings, victims of domestic violence require practical help to put their lives back together, to feed and clothe their children and to find somewhere for their family to live.

Rize Up Australia empowers suffers of domestic violence

Rize Up Australia relies on public and private donations of goods, services and cash to help support victims of family violence. This organisation ensures that families fleeing domestic violence can access food, clothes and funds quickly and efficiently, empowering them in their time of need and helping them to find emergency accommodation.

When victims of domestic violence leave these refuges, Rize Up helps to transform their barren accommodation into beautiful homes, helping them to heal and move forward with their lives. They also run a Schools Program that helps children to settle into new schools, as well as helping the families to provide uniforms, school bags, books, lunch boxes, excursions, and transport for their children. 

To support these good works and to help victims of family violence restart their lives, Rize Up Australia frequently runs campaigns to raise the necessary funds. The ‘Buy A Brick’ campaign is a good example of their dedication to the health and wellbeing of families suffering from domestic violence. 

Once again, IA and H2 Insurance Solutions are proud to have been part of this campaign and our donation of $5000 will help Rize Up Australia to continue their support of these brave families in their time of need.

You can find out more about Rize Up Australia on their website: http://www.rizeup.com.au/

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