Empowering young Australians to make better choices

Empowering young Australians to make better choices

With nearly one in four young Australians unhappy with their lives, one in seven suffering from a mental health condition and more deaths by suicide than by car accidents, it is no surprise that substance abuse is on the increase. 

Love Me Love You is a non-profit organisation that aims to empower our youth to re-engage with their community and not to be afraid to ask for help if it is needed. Empowerment is their founding principle, helping our youth to make positive changes in their lives and promoting awareness, education and acceptance of mental health issues within the Australian community.

IA is proud to support this worthy cause and in early December 2017, after Leigh Moulden, an IA Authorised Representative brought Love Me Love You to IA’s attention, we donated $5,000 to aid the continuation of their community based programs across Australia.

The $5,000 donation was presented to Love Me Love You by IA’s Southern GM John Burke, accompanied by IA Authorised Representatives: Grant Bishop, Leigh Moulden and Tim Allen.

Love Me Love You initiatives

Founded by AFL footballer, Lance Picioane in 2013, the origins of Love Me Love You are based on Lance’s own lifetime experiences. Feeling disempowered, depressed and filled with anxieties, Lance turned to substance abuse to fill a void in his life. 

While Lance has finally turned a corner and now lives a fulfilling life with his family, he understands the issues faced by young Australians and the difficulties in trying to make positive changes in their lives. After getting his life back together, Lance decided to do something about helping Australia’s youth regain control of their lives.

Currently, Love Me Love You has three on-going programs which they fund through donations and fund-raising events. First, they have a 14-hour Youth Mental Health First Aid Course for parents, teachers, youth works and anyone who works or lives with youths between 12 to 26 years of age. This course helps people to better understand mental health issues in young people.

Second, their 60-minute Empowering Parents Program is designed to helps carers recognise the signs of mental health problems in their children and gives them the skills to seek the appropriate support. Third, Love Me Love You offers three short workshops aimed at reducing the stigma of mental health in the community and building resilience, goal setting and life skills in our youth. 

Once again, IA is proud to support the work of the non-profit organisation Love Me Love You in empowering our young people and removing the stigma of mental health within our community.

To learn more about the Love Me Love You organisation, visit their website: http://www.lovemeloveyou.org.au/

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